ATI Teas Test

  1. I just took my teas test for the first time and I failed it. I used the the the book but didn't have time to study much.. Now I feel like an idoit! I cried so hard... I really want to pass and get in the nursing program. Now I have to wait for another year. Should I get a different book or prep class?
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  3. by   paisling
    Quote from kktinaCheng
    I used the the the book but didn't have time to study much..
    I don't think you need a different book, I think you just need to study. You've taken the test once now, so you know what to expect on it. You also know where you need to improve, especially if you look at your full test report.

    Make a schedule of how often you will study and what, and then stick to it.
  4. by   QueenDanii79
    Cheer up I took the teas 6 two times and on the second time I passed it with only 2 weeks to study I did however take a refresher Math course because for the school that I wanted to get into for LPN LVN you had to pass math and reading and you had to get a 55 or above on those sections. So cheer up reevaluate the areas where you need the most help and maybe about an hour and a half to two hours every day just go hard and study until you take the test again good luck
  5. by   kktinaCheng
    Thanks!! I'm now taking at least 2 hours to study. I was so frustrated and even scare to take it again. Not only o have to pass but I have to a better score to get in.
  6. by   kktinaCheng
    Thank you, yeah I though I was the only one and suddenly lost confident and wanted to give up. I will do whatever it takes to pass it and get into the program .