Anyone in the Bay Area studying for the TEAS V exam?

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    Hello everyone,

    I just recently moved to the bay area from San Diego. I'm in a bit of a bind because after recently switching my major, I realize now that I have a couple months of preparation for the TEAS V exam, which isn't too bad. I saw one class being offered for $200 at CSUEB but I would rather go over it with a study group. Is there anyone in the same predicament??? I would be more than willing to study over the material with others.

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    I am in the bay area and currently preparing to do the exam end of this month.
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    Awesome!!! Where about's are you? Are you studying alone or with others? I'll be looking foward to hear from you :-)
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    I have send you an e-mail. Please check. If you don't see it in the inbox it might be in the junk since I am sending you e-mail for the first time.

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    hey im also studying for the teas and have scheduled taking november 19th... did you both already take the test.....i would love a study buddy.... also im looking to take a prep course..anyone know where its offered?
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    I have not taken the test yet. I plan on scheduling it sometime in mid November. If you'd like we could review. There was a prep class at CSUEB but it already passed. If you want to study contact me at Hope to hear from you :-)
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    Quote from ihkg74

    I am in the bay area and currently preparing to do the exam end of this month.
    Hi there can you please help me with this teas I don't know what to do so please

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