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Advice for TEAS V - page 3

I have been studying the ATI study guide for TEAS V and I did quite a bit better on the second practice test in that book than I did a week before on the first one. But tonight I paid for one of... Read More

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    I took the TEAS V today and all i could say is WOW, but here is a few of the things you should review

    READING: Basically everything that is on the manual is on the test, all those concepts.

    MATH: Definetly know FOIL, know fractions and inequalities, ratios, proportions formula.

    SCIENCE: know how to get the atomic mass, know basically all the actions of the organelles in a cell, know the differences and similarities of prokaryotes and eukaryotes, know scientific reasoning alot of that was on the test...I felt like the book was really good at preparing me for the science section.

    ENGLISH: know simple sentences, verbs, nouns etc.., i felt like everything that was in the manual was on the test for this section so defintely know it all.

    GOOD luck to everybody!!! study study study!!!!
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    I have the pdf for teas secrets and the McGraw book
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    I took the TEAS V test and need to do better on the Reading. I did better on the practice test. Any suggestions on how to study better? I also took the two practice tests from the website.

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    The questions for the Reading seemed to be very confusing for me and difficult! Please help!!
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    hey! can you please email me them at