took my nclex today

  1. I took my nclex for the 2nd time today after taking Kaplan. My test didn't shut off at 75 like I had hoped. Instead it shut off around 90 or so.. Honestly, at this point I had planned to go the distance and I wasn't even looking at the test #. My plan was to take a break at 100. Well, my 2nd to my last question was a select all that applied and then I got a question I didn't know the answer to and I just wanted a new question. So I selected the best answer and clicked next. The test shut off. I am freaking out! I hope I passed. I feel totally different that I did the first time around. Honestly, most of the content I studied was not even on the test! Does any one have any similar situation. I know each test is its own, but sometimes it helps to hear similar stories.
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  3. by   SweetseRN
    Did you do the Pearson Vue trick yet???
  4. by   Tonyd215
    As sweets said, you should definitely try the pvt, it worked for me. all you have to do is log on to your pearson vue account ans try to re-register for the test. If it takes you to the credit card page, you did not pass. If a message pops up saying that you have already scheduled this exam and to contact your local nursing board, you passed. Best of luck
  5. by   beast master RN
    man i took the test twice the first time i felt great! it cut me off at 75 and i was sure i passed. NOPE, the next time took me 5 hours and 55 min , yea, i think 240 questions? whatever the max is minus ten questions, and i didn't no what to think , i didn't even to the trick i just wait tell i got my results and ohh boy , it was like a thousand lbs was lifted off me it felt great, good luck
  6. by   Sun_danc3rRN
    the pvt works! Try it!
  7. by   amy3080
    try the pvt, now they have a new message in the pop up box, that tells you right away, that you passed. I took mine today, and checked within two hours and I passed. I got 75 questions and felt horrible after my test ended, but I guess I did well. I also saw questions with meds and side effects I never studied. But it's proven that the nclex is the psychological exam, and it's basically just in your mind. All the best!!
  8. by   nurse-kel
    no not yet, how long do you have to wait until you try the pearson trick?
  9. by   nurse-kel
    Thank you. I will post as soon as I hear!
  10. by   nurse-kel
    I tried the pearson vue trick and it said, "The candidate has previously passed the exam. A new appointment cannot be schedule." Right, I should be thrilled, but it is not saying what everyone said it should "the Good" pop up. Have you ever seen this pop up? Kel
  11. by   nurse-kel
    OMG, Amy I just read your post. I freaking passed the NCLEX!!!!!!!!!
  12. by   Tonyd215
    I beleive thats the one youre looking for
  13. by   Tonyd215
    Woooooooooo!!!!! Congrats
  14. by   noahsmama
    Quote from nurse-kel
    OMG, Amy I just read your post. I freaking passed the NCLEX!!!!!!!!!