To the new grads...

  1. I wanted to take a few minutes and reach out to those students that are nearing the end of the torture called nursing school . I graduated in July and like most of you have probably already heard, the job market is tough. I live down in South Florida and it is NO JOKE! So I figured, based on the experience I have had, that I wanted to give those students that are about to jump into their leadership/practicum a tidbit of advice...MAKE YOUR CONNECTIONS THERE!!

    Bring out all you got, give it your ultimate best, and get to know everyone you can while you are in that leadership/practicum rotation. That is going to help you out so much more than you know. Here's my story...I am fascinated by the ER. So when leadership came around, I begged my professor to let me do it in the ER. I busted my butt there and really opened myself up to learning everything I could from the staff. There was no task I said no to. I also made sure to bond with them and become part of the crew. I finished school and the job market of course, was horrendous. I sent out literraly over 100 applications in a matter of 2 weeks after I passed boards...everywhere from South Florida to Central Florida. Lord and behold...I got a call from my preceptor last week. He told me there was a position in the ER at night and he wanted me to apply and put him as a reference. He said in his 10 years working he never referred anyone but that I did so well in my practicum and was so driven that he would refer me. I got the job...I am a new grad that just got hired as an ER nurse. So to you my friends that are about to take that final step...make it your own!! Use that as your crutch to get a job when you are done.

    To those of you that have already finished and are looking...don't give up. I did get lucky and blessed with the opportunity I have been given but the day after I got hired I already had 3 other interviews set up that I canceled. I would send out applications day in and day out. I sat in front of my computer like if it was my job to look for a job. I would Google "hospitals in Dade County", then move to "hospitals in Broward County", and so forth and down the list I would go. I would send packets with my cover letter, resume, letters of recommendations, copies of license/certs and mail them to the hospitals and put attn: HR Nursing Recruitment. It worked...sometimes I got calls from those recruiters telling me they really don't have an opening at the moment but that they wanted to take a minute to compliment me on my hard work in finding a job and that they would definitely keep me in mind.

    Don't give up guys! If you have the drive, you'll get what you want.
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  3. by   WldChrry
    Congratulations! I am graduating in December with my LPN, and moving to TN right after graduation. I know that a big part of getting a job is networking, and I know noone in TN! Kinda scary...anyway, enjoy your new job
  4. by   dine saw
    Thanks for the encouragement! I'm graduating from my RN program in December, and I live in California, so I know how the market is all too well. I've networked at our main hospital where I was a volunteer and where I precepted, so I'm hoping that will give me a leg up Congrats on your new job and good luck! :redpinkhe
  5. by   apRN
    This post helped me get some motivation back! I graduated in may, worked full time during the summer, then took my boards in august and passed. In the past 2 months I have applied to over 100 jobs, and have not even gotten an interview. Do you have any advice as to how i could get an interview? I have started doing follow up calls, but so far that hasnt helped. I am starting to want to give up, even though nursing is something i have wanted to do since i was a teenager.
  6. by   littley
    apRN, have you been applying online or are you going in person?
  7. by   DiDi_623
    Thank you! I need to read that as well. I am in richmond,va and I have been looking for a job as well. I have been applying in person and also applying online as well. still no call backs yet. I have been a nurse offically since oct 15th, 2010
  8. by   apRN
    I started off applying online. Then i applied online and did some follow up phone calls. Yesterday i went into a senior center and asked to meet with someone in HR and i was told i needed an apt, so i left a message yesterday asking for an apt and didnt recieve a phone call today. How would you apply in person? find out online that there is a job and then go in person to apply? I did just get an email from someone who offered me an interview this thursday which is exciting, its my first interview so i am super nervous and dont know what to expect!
  9. by   DiDi_623
    Good Luck! I am going to do the same. I am going to apply in person at few places tomorrow as well. mhmmm I am going to wear pretty nice business/causal outfit.
  10. by   LordHaveMercy
    This is so true! Two of the new grads on my unit were "recruited" by their instructor who also works part time on this unit. I know of another classmate who got in at another great hospital based on the recommendation of her preceptor. Your clinicals are your chance to impress and make connections!
  11. by   Giang
    congrats and thank you!
  12. by   red2003xlt
    Does your school have a employment day/fair/???
  13. by   kcolly
    I'll be graduating this December and I have an interview this Friday! It's at the hospital I'm currently doing my leadership at but for a different floor than I am working on. I'm nervous because I know all the questions will be behavioral questions and sometimes it's hard to come up with a good example right off the top of my head. Does anyone have any pointers or some tricky questions they wish they had prepared for on their interview?! Thanks in advance for the replies!
  14. by   Spoiled1
    Just wanted to add my 2 cents. I graduated in May 2009, almost a year and a half ago and what's been said about the job market is TRUE! I am in NC and the same applies here. Managers can be picky about who they want. The comment about not saying "no" to any task, PLEASE follow that. Act like you want to be there because now-a-days managers can have their pick of nurses (and these words were said by a recruiter at an open house 2 weeks ago). I was fortunate enough to get a job in home health as a new grad, but in the last 2 weeks I've been getting back to back interviews including one today. (pray for me). It's certainly about "who you know." Don't take the preceptorship for granted, and network. Remain positive even when it's hard. Remember to hang in there, and if you get an offer in some place you may not want, take it anyway! It's sad to say, but nurses can't be as picky as we'd like in this current climate. Best wishes to everyone!