The nurse team leader

  1. I promise that I will write an article and I think what subject will be ok to start here.
    From many nursing subjects flying on my head. the subject about the nurse team is one of my favorite. And I think again, a team means all of us, the nurses, good and bad all of us, but the team has only one Number 1 , the leader, so today I will tell you about my nurse team leader. Is a SHE and she is great!

    Tell me Mam' how I could tell everybody how much count in a nurse's life a good team lider? And what is a truly really good team leader? Many others wrote tons of books for that....I will write this article for all nurses new or old, because before to start a job they need to meet the team leader and to feel it. Seeing him/her they could see the team and their future in the team.

    I know what would you like to do now Mam' "I will kill you Zuzi for that" but Mam' you are "the team leader"!

    To tell them that I had the chance to meet the most powerful, wonderful, intelligent and longs years experienced team leader nurse?

    No, of course not, because a team leader is objective and very modest.

    To tell them that the diplomacy is not very well learnt at Cambridge but perfect learnt with you on the phone's conversation with doctors?

    No of course not because you are sharp like a Toledo and strong like rock and I need to record your voice to be able to talk the same like you.

    To tell them how perfect professional and perfectionist nurse you are?
    No, because you don't think that about your self, is only your life all in all!

    To tell them that you could laugh also?
    Is magic!

    To tell them that you work more than anybody else and you never ever tell anybody that you are tired?

    To tell them that you cry like us, but nobody seen any cry from you!

    To tell them that you like good jokes and old south music and you like lilac? But how many of them know that?

    To tell them that a team means "a team for life "and you never ever wanted nothing for yourself but everything for your team?

    To tell them that nobody know more than you know and nobody is so pure and simple that you are?

    NOOOOOOOO I will not tell to anybody, because tomorrow I will need to take a day off until you will decide to not kill me because I dessconspired the secrets of a good team leader, YOU!

    Hugs you Mam' Zuzi respect you so much!
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