Tell me your favorite things about being an RN!

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    I would love to hear some of your favorite experiences as an RN.

    And some of the best reasons for being a nurse.

    Thanks in advance! BTW, I start BSN in May 2011 and getting NERVOUS!

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    Once you actually become an RN you join a secret order.
    A private club where behind the scenes, where no one talks about,
    ...You get free cookies
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    You are able to talk about the most disgusting things at lunch with your colleagues and no one gets offended!

    Seriously, watching a patient go from almost death's door to walking out the hospital door OR providing the environment and support to allow a patient to die peacefully and with dignity.
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    money and satisfaction
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    Walking into a room and hearing a patient or the family of the patient say " there is my favorite nurse"

    When that happens, I am authentically happy that they are happy
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    I love talking to the patients, assessing, listening to how much they know about their body. Building a rapore with my patients. Coding someone, then seeing them walk back into the hospital, with very little deficits. pretty amazing.
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    I just got off an AWFUL shift, so my answer is... NOTHING. Nursing is making me hate people.
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    the people I work with are all smart and interesting.
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    Quote from hopefulwhoop
    I just got off an AWFUL shift, so my answer is... NOTHING. Nursing is making me hate people.
    C'mon, she's a new nursing student, try and be a LITTLE positive! Smile and the world smiles with you!
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    I'm a student nurse and working in a retirement home atm but I love it when out of no where you get these big hugs and thank yous for just opening a bottle of ensaure for them!

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