Tell me your favorite things about being an RN! - page 4

I would love to hear some of your favorite experiences as an RN. And some of the best reasons for being a nurse. Thanks in advance! BTW, I start BSN in May 2011 and getting NERVOUS! :eek:... Read More

  1. by   lenovo
    i love being a nurse!
  2. by   MadpeysRN
    I can't wait to start! It seems so far away though....
    And I know NS will fly by, I am already starting week 5 of my second term but I don't graduate till December of next year
  3. by   MikeJones
    It would have to be walking into a room and saying:

    "Hi, I'm ___, I'll be your NURSE today" instead of

    "Hi, I'm a nursing student, FEAR ME and my DANGEROUS, SHAKY HANDS." (as sweat drips off forehead)
  4. by   lonestar9918
    Quote from winterbot428
    One day in the ER I was heading into the room of an extremly upset little girl. I walked in, she stopped crying and asked " Are you Theresa's dad?" I said yes and she was happy and calm the rest of the shift. Her parents looked at me as though I were walking on water. Best day ever...
    I was just accepted to my BSN program of choice, and was needing to write an essay for a scholarship opportunity. 1 page. "discuss your professional goals as a nurse".Im also a Dad..and for whatever reason..THIS post gave me the perfevt inspiration and point to center my essay on! Thank you!
  5. by   Snozbery26
    I have to say I haven't experienced my first favorite moment as an RN since I just graduated but I absolutely cannot wait to walk into my first patient's room and say "Hi, I'm Jen... I'll be your NURSE!" It has been a long and arduous road to my RN and I cannot wait to just get out there and do it already!! Making a difference in someone's life as a nurse leaves lifelong impressions on their hearts and minds. I have had some wonderful nurses who have cared for my ill loved ones, some I will remember always. How cool is it that we as nurses have this ability, to be immortal if you will, that we can live on forever as "that nurse who was just amazing." So powerful, can't wait to be that person