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I'm interested in hearing success stories of those who turned their love of taking care of people and found a way to make bank doing it :):twocents:... Read More

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    I started in the OR. I picked up extra on call hours, extra $50 for weeknight, $100 for weekend day. The real money came in if you get called back, double pay for the whole time there, ~$80/hr. Was it all worth it?, sometimes yes, sometimes no. Missed out on a lot of stuff, but it affords me to have some fun money, or now start a pretty aggressive savings plan.
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    Quote from RNDance
    You're living in a place where the pay scale is low. But I bet you are living in a place where the cost of living is also low.
    The median sale price for a single-family home where I live is close to $600K. I make a little bit more than $100K/yr but it doesn't go far here.
    *** There are some sweet spots. Places where the pay scale is relitivly high and the cost of living relitivly low. I did extensive research to find such places, then eliminated all the places I knew I wouldn't like to live (like Texas) and moved. Some of the places I found where Madison WI, Twin Cities of MN, cities surrounding Portland OR.
    Now live in an area with a pretty hig pay scale (>$100K/year with 4-6 years RN experience, not counting OT), with a pretty low COL. Paid $130K for 4 BR 2Ba, 12 year old house out in the country on 43 acres of land 5 miles from town.
    Do have severe winters here but they keep a lot of rif-raf away.
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    I have been a RN for just over 2yrs and my specialty is child psych. I make just over 110k but could make more if I was willing to pull even more OT than I already do. I have a BSN but I work with other ADN nurses that make just as much as I do. I work on the west coast in a major metropolitan hospital. RNs that make over 100k are the exception not the rule. I feel blessed to work where I do and do what I do but OT is the only way we make what we do.
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    When I worked in Nashville, starting pay for a new grad was just over $18/hr. Rediculous! I now work for $29/hr living in state that has one of the worst economies in the country: Michigan. The cost of living up here is less than Nashville because of the struggling ecomnomy, but you know why we get paid more than down south? Unions. Work in a strong union hospital and they will make sure you get what you deserve. The hospitals will try to push a bigger patient load on you and pay you a lot less if they can get away with it. A strong union won't let that happen.
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    With night and weekend plan pay I will be in that neighborhood this year. Only 7 overtime shifts this year (and I could have had many many more if I was inclined). There is a reasonable cost of living here, pretty middle of the road.

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