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I'm interested in hearing success stories of those who turned their love of taking care of people and found a way to make bank doing it :):twocents:... Read More

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    I know an lpn made $121,xxx according to her w2s. She worked ltc mornings and picked up plenty of overtime. She had a QA position, and she also worked the floor. Then she worked an agency Job, and her third job was working four days a month at another facility. Her starting pay was more than the seasoned RNsbecause she had extensive and I mean extensive knowledge of QA, infection control, wound care, MDS, and rehab. You name it, she is good at what she do. She also is the weekend administrator at one of the facilities as well.
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    Quote from Meep,RN
    I have less than a year in the ER and I'm making $19.5/hr WHAT THE HELL am I doing wrong?!
    Well, you have less than a year experience...

    also depends on where you live, granted if you live in a lower cost of living place then you are spending less money on things like rent, food, bills etc, people in high cost of living areas have to make more to pay to live
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    I made over $100k last year by working a full-time job in the city, and a PRN job where I make a great hourly rate. I am also a workaholic and pick up at least 1 or 2 OT shifts per week. Hopefully it'll all be worth it when I buy my first house
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    $100,000 is "less" than $50,000 in some cities.
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    Working per diem in a 90+ bed NICU. There are occasional on-call opportunities and plenty of overtime available. I do work a lot (in a row), but am able to take a week off here and there for vacation/travel. It would be very very difficult to make 100K+ as a 1-5 year experienced full time nurse in this southern hospital.
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    Quote from Meep,RN
    I have less than a year in the ER and I'm making $19.5/hr WHAT THE HELL am I doing wrong?!
    Where you live makes a huge difference. Look at the rates in California for a RN. RNs working in the ER for under $25 an hour is just unheard of.
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    That is good. The most I have ever made is 55k per year and I have been a registered nurse since 2004.
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    I'm not a nurse but I have an aunt who has been an RN for over 19 years. She told me she makes $120/hr. I'm not sure how many hours she works or what her specialty is though. lol oh and we live in CA
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    I live in the bay area. average hospital nurse pay is 110,000-150,000/year.
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    Quote from Meep,RN
    I have less than a year in the ER and I'm making $19.5/hr WHAT THE HELL am I doing wrong?!
    You're living in a place where the pay scale is low. But I bet you are living in a place where the cost of living is also low.
    The median sale price for a single-family home where I live is close to $600K. I make a little bit more than $100K/yr but it doesn't go far here.

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