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TEAS V Retake

  1. 0 Took the teas Test and Failed? Is it possible to still succeed?
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    please define TEAS
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    Test of essential academic skills
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    Yes, version 5
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    YES!!! Order the ATI prep book and use only that one to study. Any other study guides are useless. Also, when you order their guide, make sure to get a couple of practice tests too. Good luck!
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    Thanks. You see i studied their study guide like there was no tomorrow and i failed the test by . My school requires 62% to pass and i got 60.7%. Now they require me to pass each section with a 62%. I guess i did aweful cause i was really nervouse. I heard of the kaplan book. I was wondering if that was all you used?
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    Before I got the ATI book, I bought the Kaplan and Princeton Review books. They're ok, but I liked the ATI book more. The other books focus on all nursing school entrance exams and not just the TEAS, so you're going to be studying a lot of stuff that won't be on the TEAS (Geometry, thermodynamics, etc.) After taking the exam, I felt the ATI book prepared me much more. The good thing about getting the Kaplan book though would be you get to study the material all over again and take some new practice tests. Good luck!
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    Thank you so much for your advice