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I'm a new grad RN with a 3-month-old baby with eczema and a 5-year-old, so moving is not an option for me, since I have a good support system here. It's hard to get a hospital job in my area, so I'm... Read More

  1. by   styx876
    I hope some day we will have legislation that will look into long term care/nursing homes/etc. and address the working conditions there.[/QUOTE]

    I know this is an old post. But do we have any updates as to the legislations that will help protect the nurses and the patients?
  2. by   caffeinatednurse
    Quote from Concerto_in_C
    I did it successfuly and have been at the hospital for almost 2 years and can do med-surg/telemetry without any problems. I floated to different floors like ortho and cardiac surveillance and found them very similar. Cardiac patients more unstable, oh well, I assessed a guy and his BP was 70/36; I called rapid response, the team arrived instantly and helped me stabilize the patient. Awesome support system. No rocket science. Even if you're new, a person with more brainpower is just a button click away.

    Hospital med-surg is easier. Before the hospital I worked in rehab. Rehab acuity is so high its like a general medical floor in the hospital, but with 15 patients per nurse, low tech facility, poor support system, etc. They don't don't have their on-site pharmacy so its daily mayhem trying to obtain missing medications. Long term care doctors rarely seen on the floor so you feel you're on your own, nurses ovewhelmed by the sheer number of patients so deteriorating vitals signs/abnormal labs/etc. not being reported until patient very acutely ill.

    Working in long term care was very rough, my compliments to people who thrive in that kind of environment.
    Sounds like just another day in paradise...I mean, um, the short term rehab job I'm trying to get away from. 15-16 is our average census with no treatment nurse. Just me and 1-2 CNAs to keep everybody alive until the next shift shows up. When I look back on my previous med surg job (which seemed too stressful at the time) I shake my head. Now I'm trying to get back to med surg.
  3. by   MedSurgicalRN
    Ive worked in SNF as LVN for 6-7yrs, then 8th I became an RN and still worked there part time while actively applying for a hospital position. It took me a year working simultaneously in SNF & Acute Psych before i got hired in med-surg County hospital. Patience, hard work & dedication pays off

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