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I just found out last tuesday that i passed the NCLEX-RN! I actually can't believe it until now, I am 21 years old and proud to be a Registered Nurse. The most memorable, exciting, happiest moment I have ever felt in my entire... Read More

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    Quote from patzs
    Congratulations J. Dayao.
    To all future takers of NCLEX, familiarize Anatomy and Physiology and Pathophysiology.
    And, positivism.

    YES! that is right. and that's the key.

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    And now your education really begins. Don't kid yourself. Degrees don't make the nurse. They are only pieces of paper. What counts is the person behind the degree. There will be a lot of education ahead of you, much stress, many tears and heart brake. But I don't think its anything that you can't handle. Now go out there and fight, fight, fight! Welcome to the wacky world of Nursing.
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    This was one of the many posts about NCLEX I read prior to taking my exam 2 days ago 02/29/12. I thank all the people who mentioned thanking GOD in their posts because I firmly believe that I simply passed through the mercy of god. Prior to graduating I began briefly praying to god each day to allow me to pass whenever I took my NCLEX exam then from the day I graduated to the day I took NCLEX I prayed daily. I did not at all feel prepared to take NCLEX on my exam day and the computer shut off after 89 questions. I left thinking for sure I had failed because there were many questions I was unsure about while taking the exam and I remember just saying the words "jesus I trust in you" when I ran accross those questions. This morning I found out I passed. I spent the whole day yesterday thinking I had failed because I felt so relaxed about it while I was taking it and I remember thinking during the exam why am I so relaxed o my god help me to pass please and he did. The study tool I used to prepare for this was ATI it expecially helped me brush up on mental health, leadership and labor and delivery. I ran out of time to study pediatrics and I did not have enough time to spend on medical surgical or pharmacology when my exam date came up. Therefore, I honestly did not feel I had prepared as much as I needed to for this, but as someone else posted: "Trust in the lord, do your part, study as hard as you can to learn the material and let the lord do the rest". God works in mysterious ways and he prooved it for me. Best of luck to everyone. I know how stressful this is. I also did not do a bunch of questions as many other people talk about doing 100 a day or 2000 questions prior to taking NCLEX, I simply studied to learn the material so that it could help me answer the questions. Just remember to analyze the questions and be sure of what they are asking so that you can answer the question appropriately. I am so proud to finally be able to say I am an RN
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    I graduated from the Philippines back in march 2012. I applied for NCLEX-RN California in April of 2012 and was denied eligibility until completing two subjects. Within 6 months of searching, I had found a school and completed my deficits and was now eligible to take NCLEX in California. I decided to enroll in a review center that guaranteed 100% however was not successful. There was something missing something. I had taken the NCLEX in June and failed in 75 questions. I decided to try another review center that also guaranteed 100%, however that too was a bust. I failed in 76 questions. I decided to try reviewing my own and was able to make it to 265. It was the closest I have been in passing the NCLEX-RN. I was so devastated when I found out that I again failed for the third time. I didnít know what to do however I did not despair. I did not spend four years in college for nothing. I prayed asking God where to turn to. I did not want to lose hope.

    That is when I learned about American Healthways Education Center ( AHEC). Their review center conveniently located 15 minutes away from where I lived in the city of Artesia. They offered two review options: A 7 day review and an 8 month review. I decided to try their 7 week review course which came with a manual only AHEC can provide and canít be found anywhere else. It was filled with vital information, tools needed to pass NCLEX. I was impressed by the depth of knowledge that the instructor shared to the students. He inspired and even told me that I had the tools to pass NCLEX, all I need is the right guidance and he told me that if I follow his directions I too can pass NCLEX. I believed every word he said and trusted him from day 1 of the review to the end of the review course. The class covered Medical Surgical and all other systems in 7 days. Things that I didnít understand before began to make sense and I can put together the pieces together and now the lecture has synchronized and blended with me. While I was in class I met some fantastic people in which we formed a study group that meet once a week to discuss what we had learned and what new information we can share to improve our core knowledge. When it was time to take my NCLEX examination I felt I was prepared and there wasnít anything new I can learn. I was confident I was going to pass this time. I knew I was going to finish the test with 75 q and I did. I had 15 SATA, 15, medications, 35 PRIORITY questions, 3 EKG, 3 exhibits, 2 Drag and drop, 1 medication. I knew that I had past NCLEX. What was different from the first test was that the first test felt like I had a lack of understanding of core content and at times felt that I was reading another language. Not this time though. This time I knew how to approach the question, what the topic was and how to select the correct answer. I asked the instructor to check the results when I got home and he told me congratulations you passed. Tears of joy came down my cheeks. I had waited so long to hear those words. I couldnít believe it. It was the greatest feeling in the world. I couldnít have done it without AHEC. Because when you start with AHEC you have a family. A Family that supports you and is with you 100% of the way and even if you fail they are still there to pick you up and help you again. Amazing result! Thank you AHEC, I couldnít have done it without you!!!
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    RN of California State
    I took the NCLEX-RN examination last April 28 and I passed it. Now, I am a proud Registered Nurse of California State and I see my future with optimism.

    I found America Healthways Education on the internet when I was looking for NCLEX-RN review classes and I chose it because the good testimonies those other students gave it. In this education center, you are not a student you are more like a son or daughter to the teacher because he takes care of you like your own parent would do it. He is a truly standout teacher because his sheer dedication to his students. He also owns a deep knowledge and experience to prepare you to the NCLEX examination. He encouraged me to fight for my dream and he gave me the foundation that I needed to accomplish one of my biggest goals. Without him, I would have never been able to get my license as a Registered Nurse of California State as I did.
    I was taking these classes for a long period of time because it took me more time to put all the things together in my mind. However, everybody is different. If you are looking for NCLEX review classes I highly recommend you America Healthways Education.
    You also need to remember that if you want something in your life you should fight to achieve it and you should not give up accomplishing it. If you feel sad because you took the NCLEX examination several times and you did not pass, you are not alone, but you have two options: to cry and to regret it or to continue fighting for you dream. Remember the computer is not smarter than us, we invented it. YOU CAN DO IT and AMERICA HEALTHWAYS EDUCATION CAN HELP YOU.

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