Scared nurse

  1. I just started working at a hospital last month and I'm always sick to my stomach when I walk in. I feel like crying because I feel so lost all the time. I hope this is normal. Nursing school is nothing like real life nursing. Help!
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  3. by   Sun0408
    Oh so normal, read around this site in the first years and you will see.. Lots of good advice there also.. Hang in there, it does get better
  4. by   sissiesmama
    Oh, I SO SO feel your pain! I finished nursing school in 1991 and didn't realize how different nursing school was from the "real world". My preceptor during my probationary pd thought I was a "frigging idiot" - yes, she told me that more than once to my face. I did end up getting a new preceptor and finished my probation pd and stayed at that hospital a year before moving on. I had the same kind of feeling you describe in your post. Some days I cried before AND after my shifts.

    Someone told me you will learn more in that first year than you did in all the years of nuring school combined. I know I did!!

    After leaving that first facility I found a job at a larger facility a little closer to home -I worked there for 9 years and it was a really good decision. While I wa there, I met quite a few nurses fresh out of school, and a few of them asked me "how long before I become a 'good nurse' like you?"

    Long story short, it does get better and easier, and you learn SO much - hang in there, and don't be too hard on yourself let us know how it goes!

    Anne, RNC
  5. by   RN313
    Hang in there! I've been a nurse for 1 year now but I felt the exact same way when I started. Everytime I had to go into work, I would sit in my car for a while and wanted to vomit. It probably took me 5-6 months for that feeling to go away, because I got better at my job and better at time management. It's definitely scary when you first start because nursing school does not prepare you at all for the real world! It'll get better!! You can do it