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Hi everyone, I am new to this site and was compelled to join because of the many testimonies and support offered. I also found out I failed the NCLEX this month and I have been having a difficult time moving forward. I was in... Read More

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    You can do Kaplan or if you feel unsure about studying on your own try reaching out to your school for tutoring in your weak areas or maybbe take a refresher course at your local college if it is ofered. I will be thinking and praying for you as well!
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    wow, I to took the nclex and got 265 and failed. like you im having a very hard time recovering. You feel like a failure and embarressed. I had two other nurses i work with in my class and they passed, one has a head now we cant fit through the door , makes me feel worse. Ive been lpn for 25 years , im crushed. I have saunders and studing but my heart not in it. I cant afford the classes any suggestion.
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    Emergency contraception..if u thought u forgot we r here to help..when plan A fails go to plan B!!
    Don't study 8 hours a day. Try 1 to 2 hrs. A night. Rest. Eat Healthy. Deep breathing. Build your confidence. You might just have test anxiety and you should make flash cards and voice recording; it works, I promise. GOOD LUCK!
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    Saunders NCLEX review book and Kaplan is how I passed. I did ALL of the Q trainers and practice tests. I also watched all the videos (which I think were better than my school lectures). I also used my weaknesses from the Q trainer and supplemented with Saunders/ATI Q's. I did well over 1000 questions in preparation.Take a little time off to come to terms and then crack down and go at it again! Just take a few weeks and really dig into the areas where you were weak and turn them into your strengths. ALso, I noticed where you said you went at it for 6/7 hrs. a day. Try breaking that up some because after a while it all starts to run together and the information isn't really retained.