Original Nursing Poem. "I emerged as Megan, RN."

  1. the following is a poem that i created detailing some of my nursing experiences and emotions. i am currently a bsn student and am also submitting this poem to my peers. my current focus in school is developing myself as a nursing leader. in my experiences, nursing professionals do not focus enough time on their feelings or emotional needs. this poem details my attempt at addressing my emotions and experiences in order to better myself as a leader. i hope that some of the readers can relate to this poem and will share your own feelings and experiences with me.

    i emerged as megan, rn

    i enrolled as a teenager,
    arrogant with intellect and youth,
    thinking that i knew everything about what nursing was.

    studying was a simplistic routine,
    caring for lives was much grander,
    an unfamiliar territory that i had never imagined.

    each patient i encountered seemed more complex than the last,
    at first i saw their catheters, medications and wounds,
    then i realized all of that was something to look past,
    i taught my patients about medicine,
    they taught me about humanity.

    after graduation came the call,
    an offer of a management job,
    i readily accepted and started right away,
    i'll never forget the whispers that i heard on that first day.

    they questioned my age, my knowledge, my skills,
    they challenged my decisions and ignored my requests.

    soon came the day the lovely woman passed away,
    the staff looked at me for to do and what to say,
    we tried our best but it was just too late.

    the bond that i had with this woman was strong,
    i walked through the hallways, professional and composed,
    awaiting the moment i could escape and be free to express,
    i went home that day and wept.

    several months had passed and i felt myself changing,
    hardening, becoming cold
    they expected much more than i was able to give.

    as my work laid in stacks around my desk,
    i remembered my first patients,
    their stories, their families,
    their voices when they thanked me for changing their lives,
    and i resigned.

    i started a new job with one-on-one care,
    i remembered what it was like to make a difference,
    i had time to teach my patients,
    i had time to learn from them too,
    i rediscovered my passion for nursing.

    i enrolled as a teenager,
    i emerged megan, rn.
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  3. by   Hope63
    Inspiring !!
  4. by   Nurse Hue
    Absolutely brilliant !