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In my 49 years of life I have had many life-changing events as we all do. I was born the eldest of two children. My younger brother was born in 1963 and diagnosed as “severely mentally retarded,” a vegetable that would never... Read More

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    Quote from Alvindudley
    I am 53 and i have been a nurse for 2 years. I am a hospice nurse. I got a BSN in 14 months and made the national nursing honor society, sigma theta tau. I love my career and I am so glad it chose me at this stage of my life. I am blessed
    Alvin, I am curious as to where you live? Thanks.
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    UPDATE: August 2013 - I graduated from Nursing School with Honors in May of 2013. I had taken a job as an Aide at a local hospital oncology unit in January, working one or two days a week during my last semester of nursing school. I was offered a full time position as a Graduate nurse there upon graduation. I took the NCLEX the first of August. It shut off at 76 questions and after a mind blowing 52 hour wait, I found out I had passed. My goal was complete. I am an RN.
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    Congrats! What an inspirational journey!
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    Quote from lindiek
    You are so encouraging. I am 46 with a husband and 2 children and going to nursing school in the fall. I am so nervous. I don't know how I will have time to study and have a family. Plus, I am no "spring chicken". I wonder how we will pay our bills while I am in college. I have a Bachelor's degree. I was a teacher. I am at the same time excited, and wonder what kind of nursing I can do with those 2 fields combined. I am so glad that I am not the only "older" lady (or man) out there to pursue nursing.
    I chose Nursing Education for my second Masters degree. I love nursing, and I realized that I have been a "teacher" since elementary school. I am also an "older" student - I was 46 when I graduated RN school.
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    And to the OP: your story is truly inspirational. My brother "dropped" back into my life about 2 years ago. He has serious mental health issues. I was 46 when I graduated my Associate's program. I got my BSN at 51, and will have my MSN in a few months. I already have plans for going on to a DNP.

    Congratulations on passing your NCLEX! I'm a living witness myself about refusing to allow anyone or anything prevent me from pursuing my dreams. Been there, done that, not going back again!
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    So glad I came across this thread! What a touching story, thanks for sharing!!
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    I would like to add my thanks to the OP for this wonderful post. I am 48 and have just applied to the ABSN program in my town after completing all of my pre-reqs at the local CC. There is a lot of valuable information on this site, but there is also a lot of discouraging posting. I have been driving myself insane worrying about my age, can I keep up, is nursing as awful as all these people say? Will I be able to get and keep a job? Will people look at me like I am a joke? I am usually a very confident person, but when you read these things over and over again, it kind of gets to you!

    Anyway, like I said, I am 48 and if I get accepted, I will be almost 51 when I graduate. I consider this my third life. I had a career in Human Resources after receiving a Masters in Psychology, and I worked my way up the executive chain over 15 years. I "retired" to be at home more with my school aged children, went to dog grooming school and opened my own successful mobile grooming business which I operated for 8 years. But even since the early 90's, I had thoughts of pursuing nursing. It just wasn't possible due to the location of schools and the time constraints of working and having kids. Now I am an empty nester, living in a town blessed with a great CC and a University. I took my 30 hours of Pre-requisites over the past 12 months, just took the TEAS and put in my application. Hope to hear by the end of October if I get in or not. Thanks for this post.
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    I sit here after a 12 hour shift that went over - way over 12 hours today. First of three straight 12 hour daylight shifts.
    I am EX-HAUSTED. It was physically and mentally exhausting. But at the end of the day - I still love it. There are days I think "what have I done... " but only for a bit. The other nurses on my floor remind me daily that even the best of the best nurses have days they feel they are behind the eight ball. I am blessed to work with a great group of people. I am happy I did this.
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