nursing has always being inside me

  1. Hi everyone
    Today I want to share my story of success and how entering in the field of nursing has changed my life completely. Since I was a little girl, I always remember my dream of building a place to take care for kids and elder, always caring for animals starting from the smallest, but I never thought that all those feeling has a name for me that now at my 37 years old I call it "nurse." I came to this country at 21 years old and an immigrant single mom who work very hard to survive. Now with proud, I can say that I start living went I met my husband who support me and gave me the strength needed; I am who I am thanks to God, my husband, my family, and thanks to the effort I put in.
    I am a new grad nurse who is shy, but i can handle it. During my clinical rotation, I can say that the best reward I received is the feeling of being there at the right time providing not only care but also a listening ear. Now, my next goal is to find a job in the stepdown unit and continue with my BSN. My long term goal is to be an APRN and being a role models for my kids. I want to teach them that the only limit is the sky and that everything is possible. Thanks everyone and thanks allnurses. com for their support.