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nurse of the month!

  1. 0 i'm a Canadian L&D nurse that moved to San Francisco not long ago....i've been working in a reputable hospital in the city for about 9 months now, and my nursing supervisor approached me last night to tell me that im the "employee of the month"! she took a polaroid picture of me and will be posting this up in the bulletin board by our nursing unit for the month of april.....she gave me a small thermo lunch bag and water bottle with the hospital's name on it as a small token of appreciation

    it's nice to be a valued member amongst my co-workers! what do your nursing units do to appreciate employees at your hospital facility? please share your stories and successes!
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    [font="comic sans ms"]congratulations on being named employee of the month, luilui_604 !!! it is truly a morale booster knowing one is appreciated and valued
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    Congrats on the nurse of the month award. We don't have any recognition programs like that where I work sometimes it would be nice since i work in a place where the nurses are generally underappreciated
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    Congrats! Sounds like you've made a big impact in a relatively small amount of time!
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    :flowersfo CONGRATULATIONS
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    Cool! Congrats!
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    What a great way to boost morale - Congratulations.
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    Way to go!!!!! Congratulations!
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    great job!
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    That's very cool...congratulations!
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    I say congradulations all the way. Your job is very demanding and it is so thoughtful of someone to recognize you
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    Good for you!!