New RN in Dialysis/interview suggestions

  1. I started my nursing careet two years ago and had two job offers. One in geriatric psych and one in dialysis. I chose dialysis because I felt it would be challenging and boy was I ever right! Unfortunately there is not new graduate training in dialysis at my unit and upon orientation of the dialysis machine I was thrown to the wolves to take on the charge nurse role. As difficult as that was I survived with few scars. I look forward to the new chapter I am about to begin in Med/surg to expand on my nursing base as well as continue my education going back to school to receive my BSN.
    I would like to say to those new grads before accepting a position (unless there aren't enough to go around) ask about the preceptor program first! I didn't do that and had to learn it all the hard way! If that is the case where you get hired, know that you can do it and try to be prepared and de-stress yourself.

    If you are having difficulty getting an interview I highly suggest Career Confidential on Youtube and LinkedIn. This woman can get your resume seen and get you to that interview!
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