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  1. 0 Hi everyone,

    I am a new RN grad and was blessed with a job as a circulating nurse three months ago. Since I have gotten the three months under my belt I have moments when I wonder if this is what I want to do. At times I wonder am I really a nurse when all I do is "go for this, go for that."

    I do enjoy the fast pace and the different surgery experiences. However, with my strong type A personality and very independent person I get frustrated with myself because I want to be able to already know everything. I know I am not going to and may never. The people I work with are great. They always tell me to ask if I need help. I still have three more months with my preceptor before I am on my on.

    Does anyone out there have any advice to offer.

    I do know that I will make mistakes and I plan on learning from them.

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    Hi there, has a section that may interest you on "Operating Room Nursing", which is part of Nursing Specialties. There is a comprehensive discussion there called "What do OR nurses do all day?"
    I have never underestimated the job responsibilites of a circulating nurse. The OR team could not function without your presence, active participation, and assistance before, during , & after surgery. You are an integral part of the team that allows surgery to proceed smoothly & with no complications. In case of an intra-operative emergency, you are there to assist with stabilizing the patient. Due to advances in technology, you will never stop learning. You are all caring for a patient when he is at his most vulnerable: anaesthetized, helpless, and unable to speak for himself.
    As for people who think that OR nurses do nothing all day, remember that they don't know what they are talking about. I worked in an extremely busy 85 bed LEvel III NICU, were we cared for the most critically ill infants, and was told by a close friend one day " You must have so much fun at your job. All you do is sit and rock babies all day." I about fell out of my chair! I wished she would come over for a day to see what it is we really do. Totally clueless people are always going to be out there.
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