New Grad Job!

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    Well, I did it! Have faith my friends...

    I got the call today that I have a GN position starting in January at the Hospital where I really wanted to work! I'll finish my ADN in December (Lord willing) and hopefully the only thing I'll have left to worry about will be passing boards!

    If I can do it, then you can do it too!
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    . Wishing you well on your boards.
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    Congrats and best of luck!
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    OMG! Congratulations you lucky one!
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    congratulation and all the best
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    So much hard work paying off!! Good luck my friend and fellow nurse!!
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    Fantastic!! Congratulations on your acceptance GN position. I'm sure you must be ecstatic to start. Keep believing in yourself, your gonna do great in boards.

    Wish you all the success, and make those people who hired you believers that they hired the best possible candidate for the position.

    Your gonna make a great Nurse.

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    AWESOME AWESOME AWESOME!!! Actually, in my opinion, you have done the harder part-you got a job! You will do great in your boards because you have faith in yourself and other people have faith in you too. Blessings!!
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    You have given me hope!
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