New Grad Job! - page 2

:) Well, I did it! Have faith my friends... I got the call today that I have a GN position starting in January at the Hospital where I really wanted to work! I'll finish my ADN in December (Lord... Read More

  1. by   RH-CC2011
    yes, thank you all so much my friends!

    this site has been an indispensible tool for information and opinions during my journey, for now the past couple of years. at times i feel a little guilty for not posting more; but then i remember i certain don't need to make excuses to any of you about how busy my life is! hahahah!!!! because you know what it is like.

    keep the faith! there are jobs out there!

    be honest and courteous -- follow up on interviews
    be flexible ( "xyz is my deam job, but i want to work for you and yes! i will work any floor you have!" )
    be (a little bit) humble
    be thirsty for knoweldge and experience
  2. by   dsr1mms
    Thanks for the encouraging words! It's hard to hear so much negativity about the job search!