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Hi everyone... just wanted to share my success story for any discouraged new grads out there. I just had my 3rd interview in the PCU/ICU unit I precepted in while in school. I was offered the... Read More

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    Yay, congrats! I'm in PCU myself! Been in it for 6 months as a new grad. So far I'm liking it! Good luck!
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    Wowwww!!!! Congratulations, you must be doing a great job!
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    Congradulations!!!! Where do you live??
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    Yay! So exciting.
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    congradualtion one small step into a big world good luck you'll do great
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    congrats I am happy for you.
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    Quote from nursegwen1
    Congradulations!!!! Where do you live??
    Thank you! I'm in Florida
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    Congrats!!! and Good Luck!!!
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    Congratulations on your job!!

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