My Story as RN

  1. I graduated last 2008 and passed on NLE taken last Nov 2008.. I start working in a hospital as a Job Order (casual) nurse last March 2009.. It is very tiresome yet memorable in my job.. There I learned new things and gain lots of experience.. Our shifts is different on the other hospitals because when you assigned in night shift, you will work for 16 hours and counted as 2 days duty and morning shifts only have 8 hours duty.. One of my experience is when the mother of my childhood friend rushed to ER with cold clammy skin associated with cyanotic fingernails, no BP, pupils dilated.. We tried to revive her but then she was announced DOA by our ROD.. I feel like crying to see them crying.. I couldn't imagine that happened so fast.. I felt ashamed to my self of being a nurse.. But yet death is unpredictable..

    Sometimes as a casual nurse, you will think that the work isn't fair with us.. Our salary is too low and is similar to the salary of a midwife, an aide, and even janitors there which is also casual.. But I don't have any other choice because it is too hard to find another job.. Our job as a nurse is the same with the regular nurses yet we have lots of work than the regulars because we casual nurses also act like aide and even janitor during the shift.. It is very much unfair to us, and then we don't have any benefits where the regular nurses have like hazard benefits even our work is just the same with theirs..

    That is why I decided to resign and find other chances and opportunity abroad.. As of now, I am still waiting for the process of my VISA to OMAN..

    I don't know if my decision is right but I know that GOD will guide me on my plans.. I always ask HIS guidance on every plans that I take.. GOD permit me to come here in Manila to apply abroad, HE helped me passed the exams and interview, HE helped me get hired.. And I know that God will help me to work abroad and to make my plans possible.. 'Coz I know EVERYTHING IS POSSIBLE WITH GOD..
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  3. by   Esme12
    God bless you on your journey.......
  4. by   TaniqueRN
    Amen, nursing is not easy I hear. But I believe that with God everything will get better with time.
  5. by   noreenl
    My best wishes on your future!

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