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My short adventure in nursing land. - page 3

My short adventure into nursing land. I graduated May 2012 at the time I was working as a Tech at a local hospital and was 5 months pregnant. August 2012 I passed NCLEX and found myself without a... Read More

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    Lol you know that is what I have been hearing about HBCUs. I really wanted to continue my education in one but its totally deterring me from wanting to at this particular facility due to the disorganization.
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    So I got accepted! Now I'm sooo nervous because I know nothing about RODP! Is it hard to navigate?? What classes should I register for my first semester.
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    @serenitylove14 Could you tell me about the RODP Nursing program. I got accepted into it and not shure how and why because I applied for the "on campus" program. Do you if it's hard to find clinical sites. I 'm very nervous and dont know of anyone that is doing rodp
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    did you do any healthcare related things during the gap between jobs?