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My New-Found Love For Nursing

  1. 2 Five years ago, I never dreamed of becoming a nurse. I wanted nothing to do with the medical world. Partly because my dad wanted me to be a Doctor and I didn't want to. Well, I did attend LPN school somewhat grudgingly because of the job prospects. A few months working in the nursing home and I totally hated the politics, impossible expectations and just plain victimization and lack of support. I thought, "this was such a huge mistake". When people asked, "when are you going back for your RN?", my answer was an emphatic "Never!".

    I did have some bright moments in LPN school though, like when we had OB rotation. I watched a baby being born and thought, "this is it for me!". I wanted to be a OB nurse but my excited balloon was deflated when I was told the hospital was only hiring RNs in that department. I thought, "Forget about it,I don't plan to be an RN". Then a year later, I watched my nephew being born, but I was bent on not becoming an RN.

    After the brief, bad experience working at the nursing home, I got another job working for a different company. The difference was night and day. Yes, I did take a pay cut but I get to keep my sanity and the staff are very supportive.Though some days are really tiring and take a lot out of me physically and emotionally,making a difference in someone's life hasn't been a bad choice after all.

    I still have days when I think the job is too demanding and not well compensated, but then I also have days like today when a patient's appreciation is all I need. Today, a patient came in because her ears had been clogged, her hearing muffled for a couple of weeks. All I did was irrigate her ears and she was the most excited patient I ever saw. You would think she was deaf from birth and all of a sudden, she could hear. She was so excited, she hugged me! I was surprised but I could see the appreciation in her eyes. She left the clinic humming a song. It was funny but I felt like she just deposited money in my account.

    In the last few weeks, the strangest thing happened. I started seeing a future for myself in nursing. I would sleep and wake up, dreaming about being a labor and delivery nurse. Welcoming babies into the world, standing as a pillar of support for a mom-to-be. Believe it or not but I have registered for pre-requisites and well on my way to starting a LPN to RN program!!!

    I can think of a number of reasons why having a career in Nursing is not worth it, but then I have found a few reasons why I love being a nurse and that is enough for me. So thankful that I found my place.
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    Moeved to our Success Stories in Nursing forum. Best wishes on your next part of your nursing journey.
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    Congratulations! Sometimes finding your passion takes time, and self-reflection, but its always there. L&D Nurses do such amazing work, too! Best of luck to you!