My husband,The one who helped me see what I could become.

  1. To be a nurse. I always thought about it growing up, more as a dream than a reality,unsure if it was possible. I was in the medical field , first as a secretary in a diaylsis clinic then later as a technician.

    I thought to myself about how much I really enjoyed the patients. I was afraid for a while to start the LPN program. I had heard how difficult nursing was and even knew a few people who attempted it but didn't succeed. I kept having this feeling inside me that I couldn't hold back. I wanted to do more, and learn more and wanted to stop being a "chicken", and just do it.

    I was on vacation with my husband when he could tell I was bothered by something. I explained to him that I desperatly wanted to be a nurse but didn't want to disappoint anyone, mostly myself. He told me " you dont know you cant until you try, and you haven't even tried yet". "Plus you always make things out to be much worse than they usually are, I think you should do it". So when we got back from our trip I had a fresh outlook.

    I then read two quotes that really hit home for me, the first is by Helen Keller. " One can never consent to creep, when one feels an impulse to soar ." The other is by Louisa May Alcott: " Far away there in the sunshine are my highest aspirations. I may not reach them. But I can look up and see their beauty, believe in them, and try to follow them ". I hung these quotes on my refridgerator and it helped me keep on going.

    I'm so glad that my husband had such faith in me. He saw something in me I didn't quite see in myself at the time. He saw what I could become, what I could grow into. He gave me the support, love and confidence I needed. He helped make me who I am today, and for that I thank him.
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  3. by   NRSKarenRN
    Great Success in Nursing story....thaks for sharing,
  4. by   Nursing2102
    Aw, what a great story! It is so important to have someone there for support!
  5. by   roseonye
    we all need support. great story. i too have a similar story all thanks to my husband and my mother. when i went back to NS my daughter was 3 months old and my husband had to support us. i worked maybe once or twice a week and i almost gave up cus times where hard on us, but i continued and a year later i have graduated, my baby is 16months aold and i am preparing for my RN-NCLEX. support from people we love is important. it helps us get thru even when we feel like giving up. thanks for sharing your story

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