LVN just passed her RN test

  1. My mother who had been a RN in Taiwan came to United States to give us a better life. With her degree in Taiwan, she was able to take the RN test in US, however, due to language barrier, she was not able to obtain her RN license,instead,she became a LVN. For the past twenty so years, she has been working as a dedicated graveyard shift LVN. But her mindset was always at becoming a RN, she studied whenever she had time and took the NCLEX many times and never passed. But her failures did not stop her from achieving high, she said to us that she will keep trying till the day she dies. The moment has finally come. She just passed her RN test!!! Even though she is 57 years old now, but she has taught us something important in life. Don't give up! Reach high and someday your dream can come true. I have decided to follow my mother's footstep of becoming a nurse two years ago, after having completed my prereqs and sending in my applications, I am just crossing my fingers now and hoping I will get accepted to somewhere soon.

    For those of of people who doubt themseleves, all I can say is that the fear of failing and constant doubting of yourself will not help you in reaching your goal. It is the risk that we never took in life that we regret the most. Good Luck to all of you!!
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  3. by   Ms.RN
    first of all, to your mom!!!!!!!

    i'm just curious, because my co-worker is in the same situation. she graduated from bsn program from another country but she passed lvn exam and has been working as lvn in the last twenty years. now she want to take rn test. so does it matter how many years between each tests? i mean can you take the test every 2 years or do you have to take it like within 10years? i know in my state we can take the test only 6 times.
  4. by   tokidokifantasy
    I have no idea how it works, but my mom had to pay a fee every year to take her test, she is given a few times a year to take the exam, if she fails, then she will have to pay again for next year in order to take the exam. Her degree in Taiwan equal to a Bachelor of RN in US, so she's able to keep on taking the NCLEX until she passes. I know that if you stop between years, you will have to go through the whole process of submitting your credential from out of country before you get approved for taking a NCLEX. So in order to not lose that, you will have to take it every year, at least once I think, to keep your file on record. Otherwise, you will have to go through the whole process of submitting your grades from foreign country.
  5. by   AgriWoman
    That's wonderful and congratulations to your mom! She is an inspiration!
  6. by   AgriWoman
    That's wonderful and congratulations to your mom! She is an inspiration!
  7. by   bkleriRN
    Congratulations, mom!!!!!!!! I to was a L.P.N. and just this past year graduated from R.N. school,it was not easy,especially having to work to,but if you put your mind to it you can accomplish anything no matter what age you are. And best of wishes to you on your journey,do not give up!!!
  8. by   SonicnurseRN
    What an inspiration!

    Congrats, Mom! : ))
  9. by   zhengalexmiao
    What a story!!! I'm from China. Please tell your mom, good job!
  10. by   scadams29
    Thanks for such a beautiful and inspirational story. Tell your mom congratulations and I wish you the best on your journey to becoming a nurse.
  11. by   RainDreamer
    What a great story!! I wish your mom nothing but the best, what an inspiration to others. Congratulations to her!
  12. by   CooLMhacky
    Congratulations to your mom..Her story inspires me not to give up on things especially on my failures...Dreams will only be a dreams if we will not do our part...Glad i read these post.. Give my regards to her..God Bless..
  13. by   keigei
    Wow!!I have been trying to pass since 2004. Your mother is my inspiration to keep on trying! Tell her thank you from me for giving me a lesson and perseverance. She makes all the hard work and money spent pay off!!
  14. by   GitanoRN
    Stories like these bring a smile to one's heart, not to mention hope for those who dare to dream and make their quest come true!!! Unquestionably this is an inspirational human being~