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My mother who had been a RN in Taiwan came to United States to give us a better life. With her degree in Taiwan, she was able to take the RN test in US, however, due to language barrier, she was not able to obtain her RN... Read More

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    Congratulations to your mom..Her story inspires me not to give up on things especially on my failures...Dreams will only be a dreams if we will not do our part...Glad i read these post.. Give my regards to her..God Bless..

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    Wow!!I have been trying to pass since 2004. Your mother is my inspiration to keep on trying! Tell her thank you from me for giving me a lesson and perseverance. She makes all the hard work and money spent pay off!!
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    Stories like these bring a smile to one's heart, not to mention hope for those who dare to dream and make their quest come true!!! Unquestionably this is an inspirational human being~

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