Late bloomer!

  1. People in the USA are now living longer and able to work more years than they have in the past. That is one of the reasons I went back to school for nursing at age 52 and graduated at age 54 and started my first nursing job at age 55.

    I am the only person I know who has done it this late in life, but I am now making more money than I have ever made. I am not working the long hard hours that I used to work to make ends meet. I am doing something for humanity.

    I am really happy I did it. This is probably the best decision I ever made in my life. I only wish I had done it 20 years ago.

    I truly love being a nurse. By the way, I work in a long-term acute care facilty called Grace Hospital here in Cleveland, Ohio.

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  3. by   dreameyes1
    Congrats Ann, Hope that you will have many years of a rewarding career I have a fellow RN that graduated a local Community College at age 60. When she started the teachers were not very supportive of her. But she graduated TOP of her class and enjoys wha she does everyday.
  4. by   cardiacrocks
    I became an RN at age 47. So I understand where you are coming from. I plan on going back to school next fall to start a DNP program, hopefully graduating by age 52. I love what I do, I graduated high up in the ranks as well, good job! I don't regret one moment of my life, it is because of my life that I have entered the nursing realm.
  5. by   hudabelle
    Yes, Great for you! My family (I am first generation Seattleite) is from Cleveland. I loved to visit every other summer. I am glad you are happy with your career! I am so glad to hear that all this work is totally worth it
  6. by   ANNSY54
    That's funny! Seattleite. A long way from Cleveland, Ohio.
  7. by   Wet Noodle
    You are an inspiration, ANNSY54. Thank you for sharing your experience.
  8. by   Mulan

    Did you have a hard time finding a job?
  9. by   ANNSY54
    Cleveland is the home of the famous Cleveland Clinic. The jobs are not easy to get. Most hospitals want the younger girls.
    I put in approximately 450 applications to have 5 interviews and got 2 jobs. I resigned from one after 2 weeks, and kept the LTAC one at Grace Hospital. I love it.
  10. by   Red35
    I love these stories...well I'll be in my 40's before I graduate...better late then never!!!

    Congrats Ann and thanks for sharing.
  11. by   mariebailey
    I've encountered boomers who went to nursing school and entered the field of nursing later in their career life. So far, they have been the co-workers people of all generations seem to respect and hold in high esteem. To have the work ethic & life experiences of a boomer and the fresh outlook & eagerness to learn of a rookie is a great combination! Yes, I realize I'm making generalizations, but I love the hybrids I work with in nursing!
  12. by   artsmom
    Congrats to you! My mom became a nurse later in life- with all five us still at home, while working 40 hours on the night shift. Whenever people tell me they can't because of this or that reason- she is my reference that in fact they can. She became an LPN, then RN AD, and is now working on her BSN at the age of 53. I find her to be quite inspiring, and I like to show off what she did to people. I am proud of her. I'm so glad you got into the field and like it so much, it is not easy!!
  13. by   GinginRN
    I had ladies in their late 50's and early 60's in my nursing class, ANNSY54. After I became employed, I spoke to clinical nursing instructors well into their 60's who came out of retirement due to the sluggish economy. It's never too late to start a dream. Congratulations Ann!
  14. by   NottaSpringChik
    Thanks for sharing and giving encouragement. I always wanted to be a nurse but ended up working many years as a technican, a job I enjoyed. But I took the opportunity to retire early and started nursing school at age 55. I remember sitting in lab and being amazed and thrilled about being there. I have been a nurse for two years. I really love it and I'm working on my B S N. Changing my career to nursing has done great things for my overall wellness. I am so thankful to be a nurse and would encourage others to do it too. I am not making as much money as I did in my other job but I enjoy it much more. I don't work in a hospital.