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People in the USA are now living longer and able to work more years than they have in the past. That is one of the reasons I went back to school for nursing at age 52 and graduated at age 54 and started my first nursing job at... Read More

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    Congrats to you! My mom became a nurse later in life- with all five us still at home, while working 40 hours on the night shift. Whenever people tell me they can't because of this or that reason- she is my reference that in fact they can. She became an LPN, then RN AD, and is now working on her BSN at the age of 53. I find her to be quite inspiring, and I like to show off what she did to people. I am proud of her. I'm so glad you got into the field and like it so much, it is not easy!!
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    I had ladies in their late 50's and early 60's in my nursing class, ANNSY54. After I became employed, I spoke to clinical nursing instructors well into their 60's who came out of retirement due to the sluggish economy. It's never too late to start a dream. Congratulations Ann!
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    Thanks for sharing and giving encouragement. I always wanted to be a nurse but ended up working many years as a technican, a job I enjoyed. But I took the opportunity to retire early and started nursing school at age 55. I remember sitting in lab and being amazed and thrilled about being there. I have been a nurse for two years. I really love it and I'm working on my B S N. Changing my career to nursing has done great things for my overall wellness. I am so thankful to be a nurse and would encourage others to do it too. I am not making as much money as I did in my other job but I enjoy it much more. I don't work in a hospital.
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    My classmate graduated with me last May at age 62, summa cum laude ... and is currently orienting to start working on my unit next week. She is a freaking powerhouse! Proof positive that age is just a number.
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    Congratulations Ann! You are awesome! I am taking my HESI Thursday and probably starting in April 2013. I am 20. I would love to work with you. unfortunately I am in AZ. I agree with mariebailey
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    You can do it.
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    I totally agree. A lot of life's stress is more manageable now that I'm a nurse.
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    Hollywood says: 50 is the new 20.
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    Good luck!
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    I'm starting school at age 54! Thanks for sharing because you've encouraged me that I'm not too old!
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