It can be done

  1. If you are in a place that you wonder if you will ever get a job, transfer to the department you want to work in, or find a good place to work...I want to encourage you to say that it can be done!
    I worked through nursing school and was fortunate to get a job in Ambulatory surgery and floated some to PACU and then we moved...
    After 5 interviews I landed a 0.6 FTE job in the SICU with no ICU experience, and now that I am almost at the end of my orientation, I wanted to share that it is possible to expand your skill set and learn a whole lot of new things. I did, even at my advanced age...( I just turned 47). I am happy that I took the chance to expand my knowledge and even though there are hard days, the good days far out number them. So keep on keeping on.
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  3. by   LindseyRN86
    Congratulations!! Thanks for sharing!!
  4. by   MsPiggy
    Congrats to you! It's very inspiring to me (back in school-lpn to rn-at age 47!).
    I too would like to move to a completely different area of nursing that isn't an
    option as an LPN. Thank you for sharing your story :0)
  5. by   Kidrn911
    Congrats!!! That is a blessing. Right now I am in between jobs. I have been out of work for a month, and have filled out close to a hundred applications, and no luck yet. I often get discouraged, my brain is going to mush. This was a great post. Thank You
  6. by   mariebailey
    Congrats! This is inspiring; I'm not a seasoned nurse, and I'm considering attempting to change fields. By the way, I don't see 47 as "advanced age".
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    Thank you! Just the story I needed. I have been unemployed for close to a year. Have never been on unemployment in my life, that is until I became an RN (at the age of 47) I have been very selective about my next job. I just will NOT settle for any old nursing job, jump into it all positive with rose colored glasses on. Only to discover it's worse than the my previous job. Finally I have an appointment ro interview with a place I have been sending resumes, letters and phone calls (but not in an OCD or stalker kinda way) Since the 1st of June and YES! I have an interview tomorrow at 3:30. I just know I will be a great fit for the position avaiable. I have good "warm fuzzy" feeling about it. So girls/guys, send that energy out into the universe, set your goal and say a prayer. It can be done and don't let anyone else tell you any different!
  10. by   geekynurseRN
    Anything is possible, but not everything is probable.