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    i wanted to share my nclex journey with you i am an international graduate and i have been trying to get register for nclex in any state because i was not living in US so finally i got positive answer from washington state and they allowed me to take nclex i was so happy at that day it was kind of half success then the real thing came how to prepare for the exam it had been 8 years i did not have touched any of nursing book so i was freaked out i did not know what to do and i had only three months in my hand to appear in the exam because they had already given me the ATT....so i did not wanted to waste my time i heard a lot about kaplan so i called them and i starded their course for international graduates and with their help i PASSED and i did everything what they say to follow the course, all of their test questions and i have studied few other books as well and i made it in first attempt. The reason i m telling you all this that if anybody is interusted to know little bid more that how i prepare and how was experience can ask me i would be glad if i can help because i have gone through this i know it is quite stressful job to do
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    thank you for posting. i will be taking my rn nclex in nov. i will read and practice as much as i can. i am in nyc and there are no available kaplan class until next year. congratulations on your succes
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    hi i took kaplan online and i went on youtube i watch that link the books she is talking about i have studied all of them try to do as many as questions u can and what i really learnt from this exam u have to have confidence on your knowledge answer the Q what u know and if u r keep getting the same kind of questions during the exam never change ur answer because u r getting the Q again and again on the same topic just answer what u know and u r doing the right thing give ur best i know there are so many books out there its hard to decide what to get but i would say what material u have try to read it all here is a link....

    Looking Back: My Nclex-RN Experience: Part 1 - YouTube

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