I really like my new job - page 2

I started my new job in med surg about 5 weeks ago. Today I managed 4 patients. I handled it well, I must say. I was terminated from my 1st job as a new RN last Oct. before making it off... Read More

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    That's really awesome!

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    Thanks everyone for the kind remarks!
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    Nursing is all about finding your "place"!
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    That is very inspiring! Thank you for sharing Despite your tough experience, you persevered and are so much better off for it!
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    It is great to read success stories to motivate the ones still looking for their right spot. Good luck!
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    Congras on your new job. and Im really happy to hear your liking it. Keep it up
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    Quote from krwrnbsn
    Nursing is all about finding your "place"!

    OP, I'm happy you have found your place and that you are enjoying it.
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    Congrats! It really is the people that make the place!
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    So inspiring. Very, very happy for you!

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