I passed Nclex with 90-110 questions - page 7

I took my boards Monday (8/11/08) and I was positive I failed. My computer shut off at around 90-110. I'm not sure because I didn't look after 80 or so. I had in my mind that everyone who I've ever spoke to that took the test got... Read More

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    Inspiring story!

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    I took my RN NCLEX on Tues., Aug 17th and still have no results, nothing on Ohio Board of Nursing and no link on Pearsonvue to check quick results and it is now Thurs August 19th, 2010. Can someone help me out? What do I do? I felt pretty good about the test but must have failed. Thanks
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    quick question, what does the test consist of?? is it multiple choice??
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    Congrats to you!!!

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