I love this job...

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    When I first decided to become a CNA I wasn't sure if it's what I wanted. I wasn't sure if I wanted to do the dirty work, to get so personal with people I didn't know. I wasn't sure if it would be worth it. All the hard work for so little pay and no recognition.

    I love this job...

    But this job has been so worth every single minute. Every backache, leg pain, poop on my shoes, turning heavy residents. Every time I get cursed out, told I'm not doing something right, or when we are short staffed and running around like chickens, or when I just feel like I just am not getting it. Every moment has been worth it .

    I remember before all this I was sick in the ER, and I saw a man with cancer. He was so young and he looked so sick. I just wanted to reach out and hug him and just do something for him. But I just walked past, feeling like there was nothing I could do.

    That's the moment I decided to get into nursing, To be able to do something.

    Yesterday my first resident died of cancer. And I was able to do something.

    I took the greatest care of her. Rubbed her when she was distressed, went to retrieve her food tray when the others gave up on feeding her. She ate some more. Dressed her pretty and combed her hair so beautifully. Always kept and eye on her and let her know I was there, when no one else was.

    I knew she didn't have too long, but I wanted to make her last days the best I could. I felt like I was taking care of her, and the man with cancer. It was for the both of them.

    This job has fed my soul in so many ways I cannot describe.

    Yes it has been frustrating and tiring, but I feel like I'm doing God's work. Life has been so good to me and I feel like this is my way of giving back.

    My passion for people can be met, by putting aside myself and being selfless for others. My heart swells for all my residents and I give them as much care as I can, and I provide them with my presence, with God shining through my soul, loving them and showing them that there is still light in the world.

    Don't doubt the job, try it.

    Give it your all.

    Be the best CNA\Nurse you can be.

    Do the job to your best ability, and you will be recognized. The residents will light up when they see you, follow you around, request that you are their aide for the day, and tell you you are the nicest aide they have met.

    Have patience with them, be compassionate and wear your heart on your sleeve.

    Sometimes they need that. Walk in the job with a positive aura and willingness to do anything that must be done for them. Your kindness will be rewarded if you are sincere.

    I believe that when our days are done, and we pass on, we may well be met by many of these people we met along the way, the ones we cared for. That will be a great day of celebration and there will be many to greet us, for we have been so good to them in their days, and they will remember us and be there for us in our time of need.

    I love all you CNA's and nurses. We are a great army of God's soldiers sent here to help humanity in their weakest moments and bring them back to strength, or send them off with love. Good luck to you all.:heartbeat
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  3. by   bluebird123
    oh my goodness, how wonderful is this article!! I am a CNA and a student working on my BSN. When I read your sentence about "meeting" all those we cared for in heaven when we pass on, I smiled. I have thought that countless times as well. I can't wait to run and give them a great big hug. A celebration indeed!!

    much love,

  4. by   Becky8
    I agree. That is why I am in nursing school and hope to become a hospice nurse. Being an LNA and then a Hospice LNA has really been a wonderful if not difficult experience for me. It is a lot of hard, back breaking work, but there are those very special moments that you carry with you all of your days. And I do hope to meet some of my charges on the other side. They were so awesome and I was just sorry that I had not gotten to spend more time with them on this earth. Here's to the next!
  5. by   qhjumper
    i couldn't agree more! thanks with putting a positive out there to remind us why we do what we do!
  6. by   S.Corder, RN
    Ah--to be young again! Enjoy and give, but make sure to also take care of yourself as well. We are too soon burnt out and tired. I love your enthusiasm. And I know that to keep it, you must also take time for yourselves. God Bless.
  7. by   oyin_sussy
    this is extremely touching and i love every bit of the post. this shows how god conscious you're and that is how all the nurses should be. we should always believe that we can still meet when we depart this wonderful world. thumb up 4 u and others that act like this! may god bless you for sharing! long live! great nurses one love!
  8. by   komersgirl
    This is a great article. I am a Bachelors prepared RN now, soon to pursue my Masters Degree. I still love my work but I remember the days when I worked as an aide and could spend more time on the little things. Keep smiling and touching people, God will reward you richly!
  9. by   niteowlrn29
    Thank you for your beautiful post. I think I will print that out and post it at work. I just love you for it. Brought tears to my eyes. God Bless you for your hard work and love for your patients. God will reward you openly for your care. Thank you for reminding me that there others who care.
  10. by   Ladicapricorn841
    :d wow that was an awesome article!! i will be training to be a cna in a couple of weeks. i know its gonna be hard work but im ready for it! utimately i want to become a nurse practitioner. nursing i believe is my calling in life. doing this work will definitely help me figure out if that is true. we always here about all the negative aspects of cna work and it can be discouraging, its nice to finally read something positive and remind us all of why we get into this field. thank you so much for the positivity!! i just printed it out and will be posting it on my fridge for inspiration when things get tough. i know this will give me the strength to continue to be the best nurse i can be. god bless:heartbeat
  11. by   brokenheartedrn
    It's so wonderful to hear something so positive and upbeat about their job. Thanks for sharing.
  12. by   animeRN
    What a wonderful article..... May God richly bless you :clphnds:
  13. by   nursefromthemountain
    Why do I love this Job? Some days I don't. Most days I do. I am an LPN in a small nursing home, and I remind myself everyday that I work, that I am in someones home. Most welcome me, some do not. Hugs, kind words, and thanks for all that we do are the greetings that mean the most. At least one, if not more of the residents have a positive attitude towards someone who treats them with dignity, and respect during their day. It makes getting up in the morning worth it. The downside is all of the paperwork.
  14. by   Bamaeyes
    Thank you for this wonderful article. Keep up the good work, and God will bless you greatly.