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disclaimer: i am finally starting to feel like a real nurse after starting my job in november. therefore, i wanted to start a *grateful* thread about what we love about our jobs. now, there are... Read More

  1. by   nurseprnRN
    ...because i work for myself, i don't argue with the boss much and i can wear whatever i want when i'm in the office. i learn new things almost every day. i spend waaaaaayyyy too much time on an. i get paid a rockin' good hunka change at the end of a case and i can give myself a raise whenever i want to (about every year the rates go up). i have time for my volunteer activities for my professional organization and a youth-serving organization and my sweetie. and i feel as if i make a real difference in everything i do for all of them. not bad for an old broad.:heartbeat
  2. by   tokmom
    I love my job because:

    It is the best place I have ever worked.

    I'm in a small hospital but associated with a rockin' organization

    I get free education and they challenge us all the time. I have learned so much working within this organization/hospital

    Nurses are given a voice in committees on floor operations, etc..You can either be an integral part, or show up to work every day.

    I know everyone by name. The DNS knows me, the housekeeper and the people in the cafeteria know who I'am.

    We have support from management in so many ways. When there were problems with culture, they brought in people to help fix it, they ran surveys. They took those complaints and did something with them...gasp!

    Everyone truly cares about you. If you are sick, you are sent home. You don't work sick. People manage and don't make you feel guilty doing so.

    I want to retire here. I honestly never want to leave.
  3. by   AICU RN
    These are great! Keep them coming. These are the reasons we do what we do and we need to not lose sight of them (even though it's hard at times). I know, for me, I've now had 3 straight days at work of not feelin completely overwhelmed and that's why I'm loving my job even more.

    Yea, I have a little piece of paper taped inside my locker. On it are the reasons I used to start this thread, only my friends know it's there but after a bad shift there they are staring me in the face and keeping me focused.

    Who else? Why do you love your job? :redpinkhe
  4. by   beckster_01
    Quote from MinnieMomRN
    It was most rewarding that on that last visit he was anxious and came in saying "I know what you're going to say..." Then proceeded to tell me all the s/s related to his disease and how to manage/cope. Then he said, "I'm going back to class now". I didn't even say a word.
    I just gotta say, that is AWESOME! Good job

    I love my job because we have a management system that works. It has its flaws, but I honestly feel that they listen to what we have to say and actively try to make changes. The entire unit is involved in making major decisions in a fair and orderly way.

    I also love my job because 95% of my coworkers are fun to work with and supportive. There are such great resources on my floor and I have NEVER felt dumb for asking a question. I am always learning.

    And I love my job because I get 5 weeks of vacation right off the bat, and I only work three days a week. That means that at least once a scheduling period I end up with 5-6 days in a row off, and when I want one week of vacation I can usually schedule myself for two

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