I got a job!!!took 3.5 years!

  1. My Story in bullets:
    * Graduated w/ BSN 2010>>>>passed NCLEX>>>officially an RN
    * Applied for every RN position I could, including SNF/LTC positions
    * Tried to join military after being told by EVERYONE the following:
    1. "1-2 years acute care experience required"
    2. "Experienced RN'S only"
    3. "NO NEW GRADS"
    4. "Sorry, we are presently not accepting New Grad Nurses"

    * Failed Military physical and was denied waiver. (early 2012)

    I was devastated; Needless to say that I became severely depressed. I went through phases of severe depression followed by furious attempts to attain an RN position--anywhere. The same story kept repeating with the same result--me feeling worthless, rejected, inferior, jealous, resentful etc. . .

    I didn't give up. I always threatened to, but just couldn't. I kept applying---kept trying. I am pleased to say that I ACCECPTED AN RN POSITION this week. I start next week at a skilled nursing facility.

    It took almost 4 years. What a strange trip it has been. I can not even begin to describe the depths of despair I suffered over the last 4 years. Self-hatred, depression, suicidal ideation etc. However. . ..through that I have changed.

    I am so humbled and grateful for the opportunity that my graduating class would have scoffed at just 4 years ago. Am I nervous?? GOD YES! I have not assessed a pt. in almost 4 years. But, I know I can do it. It will be rough I know. . ..but I can do it.
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    Now this is good news! Best wishes in your new position!
  5. by   annie.rn
    That is FANTASTIC!! Congratulations! You have a lot to be proud of and if you tackle this new job with the same determination you did your job hunt I can't imagine you not doing well.
  6. by   inchii
    Congratulations! That would be an inspiration for other new grads!
  7. by   Preemie 2 RN
  8. by   meanmaryjean
    Good for you!
  9. by   nursefrances
    Doing a happy dance for you:

    Your diligence certainly has paid off, good for you for hanging in there. Good luck to you as you begin your nursing career. Keep us posted.
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    You're going to have to change your userID now.
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    SOOO happy for you! Good luck... let us know how it's going.
  13. by   Bubbles
    Good for you!! I am wondering if there are others with similiar stories.
  14. by   RituK
    Congratulations! You are a good inspiration for all of us. May God give you success. All the very best.