I found my dream job in Public Health :)

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    Hello Allnurses,

    It feels like only yesterday I was taking pre-reqs for nursing school and then going crazy trying to get through nursing school and pass state boards. Well, I learned really fast that nursing isn't anything like the media portrays it to be, a highly respected money making field. I learned even faster that floor nursing was not something I would remain in for long. I honestly wanted to give myself 3 years on the floor, but the opportunity came and I ran for my life I was working on Mother Baby, which many ppl already consider their dream job, but I never really liked OB. I'm currently working for the state and I absolutely LOVE my job, I actually feel like a nurse. I leave work feeling like I'm doing what I was meant to do, and I'm appreciated for it. I get to educate and also get to know my clients and I help them in times when they feel like they have no one else to turn to. There is a lot of autonomy and professionalism in this area that I did not see when I worked on the floor. Now no job is perfect, but the truth is it may be perfect for someone out here. Just thought i'd share a piece of my success story and give someone else in the world of nursing hope, just as many ppl on this site did for me My motto is, all things r possible through Christ Jesus. Many times I heard, there r no jobs out here for new grads, new grads have to start on M/S, new grads hav to work midnights. I'm thankful that I continue to trust in God & not Man.

    God Bless Allnurses
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    What a refreshing post ! Congratulations on your dream job. I get so overwhelmed with joy when thinking of the goodness of God. God gives us favor and All things are possible with HIM.
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    Congrats! God is good

    Can I ask what your position or title is? I considered getting a MPH but wasn't sure what kind of jobs were available with it and whether I had to already have a career in the healthfield to make the MPH worth it. There were all these concentration areas like epidemiology, behavioral health, environmental health etc
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    Congrats!!! Just the reminder that I needed that God will show me the path to take when I get out of nursing school!!! =D
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    Congrats on your dream job! I hope to do bedside for a few years then moving into public health as well.
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    Congrats!!!!! wife&mommy RN, Our God is truly AWESOME and AMAZING and he opens the right door for us at the right time!!!!!!
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    I am truly happy for you! Mostly for your gratefulness. I needed to hear that and I too am grateful for all the doors and opportunities He has opened for me. He won't leave you there alone either, He will continue the work He started. PTL!
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    Congrats!! Happy for you!!
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    I am so happy that you have found your dream job! I too, work in public health. What division do you work and for what state? I work in School Health as a school nurse and I too love it. It's a very rewarding job for me personally. I love the kids that I work with and the staff is amazing. There is a lot of autonomy for sure. I usually have another nurse that I work with, an RN, but for most of this school year I have been alone. I am an LPN right now and just started in the LPN to RN Career Mobility program and will take next year off from work. I am planning to come back to school health after I get my RN. For everyone that is looking to work as a school nurse though, I need to tell you, that most of what you do in elementary school is health alerts, care plans, 3 points, and health screenings. There are flu clinics and immunizations and every opportunity for education. The Health Support Tech, which is the position that I currently hold, is the one that does a majority of the first aid and other clinic visits. Right now, I am the nurse and the tech. I like it that way though. I love my job and I love the kids that I work with and I hate that I won't be there next year. But, I know that when I get my RN I will be back. I love working as a school nurse.
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