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Hello Allnurses, It feels like only yesterday I was taking pre-reqs for nursing school and then going crazy trying to get through nursing school and pass state boards. Well, I learned really fast that nursing isn't anything... Read More

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    I am a fresh graduate who just received my nursing degree and Malaysia licensure this year June. Meanwhile, I am working with a general manager in a private hospital to run a nursing home project. I never really like hospital nursing, and my boyfriend from California had Master of Public Health who works for APHA and WHO. I see what he is doing and I feel that it's very interesting. Next thing you know, I took an introductory course of public health in Chapel Hill University at North Carolina in July. I feel that it's my thing but I was very discouraged by my hospital nursing believers and lecturers. Your post just comes to me at the right time when I feel a little lost. Do I need to gain any years of nursing experience prior to taking my master in public health? I am juggling between US and Canada to get my nursing license to practice also. Any advice which is more ideal?