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It has been the hardest 2.5 years of my life. I am a single mother of two wonderful girls. I have worked full-ime, took care of my family and went to school full time to become a nurse. I have gone through so much...Almost... Read More

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    Congrats!!!!!! you have so much to be proud of!
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    i love to read stories like this--i can actually hear you speaking and i feel the glee. great success in your nursing career. winners never quit until the job is complete.
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    How Does the Pearson vue trick work? If it takes u to cc info you didn't pass? Or do you put in your cc info and if it takes it you fail? I took my test for the 3rd time today... I had 206 questions and had last question was a most important to asses PT...
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    So proud of you! YAY!
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    ohh congrats dear! i wish i can say that soon.. any tips for that exam?? thanks sis