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It has been the hardest 2.5 years of my life. I am a single mother of two wonderful girls. I have worked full-ime, took care of my family and went to school full time to become a nurse. I have gone through so much...Almost... Read More

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    good for you!! you should be very proud of your accomplishment. i myself am a single mom of three boys and one girl, and will be done with nursing school this december. so hearing your story gives me hope!! its a lot of work!!

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    omg that is wonderful you will be my inspiration. I too work full time and am going to nursing school parttime at night and i have two small children that are both in school so i need to help them with their homework and then do mine at like 9 at night it is tough i failed one of my nursing classes but i got right back up and stuck with it at my school you only get one chance to fail and then you are out of the program and you have to pass the classes with a B and i got a 78 in the class i failed so i missed it by 2 points was so depressed but i kept with it and i am almost done just two more classes this is the toughest class by far but i have faith i can do this it will be so rewarding to know there is a light at the end of the tunnel. I too worry about the NCLEX its not hard enough to just finish school but then you have to take a test or the schooling doesnt mean anything. Well good luck you will be a great nurse.
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    Wishing you all the best as you begin your career!
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    Congratulations, and every blessing on your new career!
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    I am SOOOO proud of you! I know exactly what you mean. I had to work full time too. Also for about a year I drove some 600 miles a week because I live about 50 miles from work, school, and clinical sites. It was all worth it now looking back. I have a great job and work with great people. Congratulations again for not giving up. I learned a whole lot about me when I went thru this experience.
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    Congrats!!!! I know the feeling!! You didn't quit!!!! May God bless you with your journey!!!
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    Your post brought tears to my eyes, too. Super duper congratulations to you and best wishes for the job hunt!!
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    Congratulations, that proves just how amazing God is. Now take a deep breath and prepare to experience the blessings and success he has in store for you and your girls.
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    Excellant job! I may not know you, but I am proud of you!!!
    You accomplished great things. I'm a single mom too and I'm in first semester nursing.
    I hope to be in your shoes someday so my daughter can b proud and I set an example for her.
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    How Awesome!. I am wanting to also say the same thing very soon. I also want to be a RN. The Medical field runs in my family theres RN's, nurses, pediatration, etc.
    I want to join the military and go to school (while I study to be a nurse). I am looking at the ARMY RESERVES right now because I am very close to finishing my GED i passed 4/5 classes and got a 400 when I need a 410 to pass. Anyways I am wanting to join so I can deploy and help and the men and women in uniform OR just stay in the states and help. I am 24 years old and have NO KIDS and Im not married. I am very close to my family though :] .I have wanted to join since I was 18 but I didnt graduate. THIS time Im making sure I get in because I REALLLYY want it.Hopfully I am not too late. Eventually I want to be an officer nurse in the military. thats my little story...I AM AN OPEN MIND PERSON SO IF ANYONE HAS ANY QUESTIONS OR COMMENTS they are ALL welcome. I need more insight on this matter. I Really need help ...

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