Hat Trick

  1. 1 I got a call from a Peds homecare that a friend works for....I went for the interview on Thursday. Hired on the spot. PT night shift - but hey I can't be picky right now.

    I arrived home to get two more calls for interviews....

    Job 2 - LTC facility; wants 6m training and have the applicant to work as a CNA for the 6m and after training is over you can apply to any open RN position. It's a great facility very high end - I had clinicals there and really was impressed. Problem is I'm not sure I want to work as a CNA for 6m without a guaranteed of a position when I finished.

    Job 3 - Peds care facility. I have an interview this friday. There website isn't set up to know that you are applying for a particular position. So, I don't know if it is full time or part time. if if turns out it is FT with some health care benefits; I think I would have to take it over the job I'm currently expected to start on March 1.

    So, 5 months of nothing and I get a Hat Trick in one day. There is hope for all...
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