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Graduated in hired into RN Residency Program! - page 2

I thought I would never being saying these words because I hated it everytime I read it in a success story because it felt like it was being said out of pity for others who can't find a job. But now... Read More

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    Congrats!! Welcome to Texas!!
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    Congrats bro!!
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    Congrats! What kind of floor is it?
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    Congrats to you! I'm so happy that you found a job. Thank you for sharing your story of success!
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    Finally, some good news!! Congratulations!
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    Congratulations! Way to go!
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    Congratulations, man! I'm happy for you.
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    Congrats!!! So very happy for you!!! Guess some things are just worth the wait
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    Congratulations! You're actually the same class year as me (2009) and I totally understand as it was difficult for me too.

    I'm really happy for you! What a journey it was to get here...and what a journey lies ahead of you Wishing you the best!
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    congrats.. im old new graduate too, hoping soon to get in nursing residency program.hoping to give me a chance even im not a new graduate anymore.Its a inspirable story..good luck!
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    I also live in the Bay Area and graduated in 2009. I just recently looked into Nevada and after only a week of applying interviewed for a hospital! I totally understand. Thanks for the story. Hear so many bad ones.