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  1. Hello everyone, this is my last semester on earning my Associates degree in Nursing.... i am a mother of 3 ( 7,5 and 1) and decided to go back to school after a 9yr absence.... my passion for becoming a OB Nurse has never died!! this was my fourth attempt in my 9yrs of marriage to go back and finish, and finally im back!!! but my question is where in my desired field can an associates degree take me if i decide not to proceed for my BA??? i dont wanna perform duties on my own as a nurse. I feel more comfortable under the supervision of a DR or RN... i will take my exam to be qualified to work as a nurse but dont know if its enough to work in my desired field..I have other qualifications like certifications and im trilingual.. If anyone has info to share PLEASE DO SO, i would greatly appreciate.. thanks..
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  3. by   bewitched
    No offense, but if you feel more comfortable under the supervision of a Registered Nurse then you should probably be some kind of nurse's aide? Because your Associate's Degree in Nursing is going to qualify you to be a Registered Nurse yourself--and it will be your license on the line when it comes to patient care. No one is going to babysit you... And you don't have to have a Bachelor's to "do things on your own as a nurse..."

    I think maybe I'm misunderstanding the question.
  4. by   Skips
    It's enough, but you will be performing duties yourself as an RN, whether you have an Associate's or Bachelor's. I am not quite understanding what you mean, either! Being trilingual is a huge plus, too. Do you mean when you graduate, they make you do everything yourself? Because that is not the case. You have an orientation when you first get a job, and if you're not comfortable with something, always ask a co-worker or manager.
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    thanks for your answers!!! sorry if i was a bit confusing.... but what i wanted to know, (which u guys answered)was if i could become an RN with only an ADN and work as a OB nurse... if future nursing students can become a RN with an ADN why do they pursue their BSN?? is it for the money?? `and also im confused with either obtaining an ADN or BSN because every job opportuniy i read about, qualifications always require a BSN...
  6. by   Blueroses91
    BSN are useful if you want to be apart of management or if you want to purse a masters. In some major cities hospitals require all their nurses to have a BSN. However, if you have an ADN you will be consider an RN. You will be held to the standard of an RN.

    Having a BSN does equal a small pay increase but in most cases it isn't much more. Many people just like having that education under their belt and it leads to more opportunities. Others are satisfied with just a ADN and have no desire to go back to school.
  7. by   EILEEN456

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