Found a Nursing Jobs, two years later!

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    Tomorrow starts my first day of Nursing Orientation. And like the title implies, I have been waiting two years for this day. I have applied to hundreds and hundreds of nursing jobs, and no one would hire. There were times that I would have direct help in trying to get a job through an actual nurse manager, but no, it was even harder for her to assist me. But through all the tears, the saddness, the depression, and reconnecting spiritually with God, I finally found a nursing job.

    Though I am excited, especially knowing that I haven't done bedside care in a long time, I am a little anxious. I do not even know where to start in reviewing. If anyone has any helpful advice or has experienced what I will be experiencing, please let me know what to expect or how I should start off in reviewing.

    P.S....I am grateful to say that my training will be extensive. The training will also be based on my needs.
    All in all, I'm grateful that someone actually gave me a chance.
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    First of all-- congratulations!! What type of job is it? Hospital? If so-- what type of unit?
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    Congratulations!!!! There is hope for the rest of us old new grads!
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    Congratulations! It is always better late than never!
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    Congratulations!! Glad your orientation will be extensive! Good news!
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    Woohoo!!! I'm really happy for you! Congratulations!
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    Awesome and congrats!!
    As far as the review of forgotten material,
    I wouldn't stress it. When I got back into
    nursing after not working at the bedside for a while,
    I found that orientation was good enough and
    coworkers were helpful.

    Don't be hesitate to let them know where you
    stand. Hoping you have a good team working coworkers.
    It will all come back...Kind of like learning how to ride a bike
    you'll get a hang of it quick.
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    Are you a new graduate nurse, or an experienced nurse re-entering the field?
    Getting a good, new, NCLEX prep book might help. I am a new grad who hasn't done bedside nursing in three years, and bought and studied a new NCLEX (I got and like the Saunders one) and drug book as interview prep. While I didn't get the job, using up to date materials gave me extra confidence. Especially with drug indications and warnings, its nice to have the most up to date information. Knowing which unit you're hired into, maybe you have classmates working in similar settings who can advise you as well?
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    Congrats!! are u an LPN or RN??
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