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Tomorrow starts my first day of Nursing Orientation. And like the title implies, I have been waiting two years for this day. I have applied to hundreds and hundreds of nursing jobs, and no one would... Read More

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    Congratulations on your new position. For all of the aggravation, disappointments, and frustration you have encountered, you have been rewarded with the opportunity to do what you have been trained for. This inspires hope in the rest of us who are waiting to be given an opportunity to enter the work force once again.
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    I am so happy for you. I love these kids of posts.
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    Quote from TaniqueRN
    Tomorrow starts my first day of Nursing Orientation (after) waiting two years for this day. I do not even know where to start in reviewing. If anyone has any helpful advice or has experienced what I will be experiencing, please let me know what to expect or how I should start off in reviewing.
    First off, congratulations.

    Know that they hired you for YOU, not what you know. It's your personality and your 'story' that they hired. They know darn well that even a fresh newbie needs help and that a stale newbie needs even more.

    Be frank and honest with your preceptor and the others about what you know and what you don't. Be a hard worker and always quick to help out, answer call lights, empty commodes. Be a few minutes early every day (just so you won't be even 2 seconds late) and be excellent at what you do. Clean up after yourself, keep your lines and wires untangled, and keep your patients puffed and buffed. Don't join in the inevitable complaining.

    Review: Do just that... review, not preview. After each shift or each rotation, do case studies of your patients, their conditions, and their treatments. It will stick so much more easily when it's tied to a real person.

    Ask questions and take suggestions and criticisms.

    Engage with the doctors. You need to build credibility with them, too, and they are a wealth of information.

    Smile a lot and let the I-finally-got-a-job gratitude show on your face and in your demeanor.
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    PM'd you if you care to reply. Congrats!
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    Wow sis...great for you and it makes me feel encouraged too because I'm too going into 2 years of looking. I'm now applying everywhere, small hospitals in Texas, NM, ND, I look for places no one wants to go, rural hospitals that I can find. I've applied 300 times in California but this is the worst place so I gave up in Cal. So now that I decided to relocate I have that many more places to apply. I'm trying to apply to 10 a day but it's very hard and time consuming. I heard that some people apply to 2000 in order to land their fist job. Don't worry you'll get back in the saddle.
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    wow after 2yrs? i am very happy for you.
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    Congrats, your story is very inspiring and demonstrate that there is hope for those of us that has past the dreaded one year mark and heading for two years without that first RN job. Please keep us updated on your progress and how you are adjusting.
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    Thank you this is helpful.
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    Thank you so much!!!!!!!!!!! "Review, Not Preview" Love it!

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