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  1. As I am getting prepared for an interview for my first RN job, I was asked a question by a friend who is a nurse on the biggest obstacle in life that I have overcome. So I put a lot of thought into it and I liked what I came up with and decided to share it with whoever may be interested. For those who are in nursing school still and find it very nerve wrecking, just hang in there and there will be many rewards to come. I am a new nurse and still looking for my first RN job. The market is tough right now but that doesn't stop me for being so proud of my recent accomplishments. The whole lesson I learned is to never give up and always figure out ways to make yourself better. If you fail one semester of school, it is not the end of the world. Take it as a gift and feed off your failures and turn them into the biggest accomplishments of your life.

    My Challenges of Nursing School

    "The biggest obstacle that I have ever encountered in life was graduating nursing school. Going back to my first semester of nursing school, I have to admit that I was not very successful. I failed my first semester and I was very devastated. I was 20 years old, not quite so mature, and definitely not so sure what nursing was all about. I was so used to be handed decent grades with very little effort because most of my recent courses did not require the critical thinking skills that is so important in being a nurse. My first semester of nursing school was the biggest lesson of my life and now looking back, I do not regret my past failures one bit. I never knew that an individual could change with the snap of a finger but I proved myself wrong.

    Since I had to repeat Nursing I over, I devoted a huge percent of my life to nursing. There was no other profession in the book that I could even imagine doing, so I approached nursing school as if it was all or nothing. I would not be satisfied if I wasn't to become an RN.

    It was a very bumpy road throughout nursing school. Working 35-50 hours a week and then studying 20-30 hours a week left me very little time for myself but those 3 years of my life was not a time for any games. Now that I have recently graduated nursing school, it is still unbelievable on the person I have become. I have developed a more mature and professional personality, outgoing, heartwarming and caring individual. Getting through the difficult obstacles of nursing school, set me up for the many challenges that I may face and through each down moment I encounter, I know I will bounce back and become not only a better person but an even better RN."
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  3. by   fuuchan
    Thanks for this. It's been a rough semester....
  4. by   SamRN2
    Thanks for posting this...I'm going to be starting nursing school soon and Nursing is the only thing I want to do I cant image doing something else. Its stressful because I also have to work full time while going to school and sometimes you wonder if its even possible. So its good to hear someone else story.Thanks
  5. by   Yakuza77
    Thanks for sharing. Really inspiring.
  6. by   sandoval_tommy
    That is inspiring and motivational! Thanks for sharing your story now to make mine.
  7. by   TruNurse86
    Thank you for posting this. I failed a semester when I was 21 and I felt like the world had ended. I have since then picked myself back up and am pursuing my dreams. It just helps to hear that someone else went through the same things and how they overcame them.umpiron:
  8. by   letarn2b
    Thanks so much for this post!!! I really needed to hear this I made it through first semester...some days I thought I was going to fail but I realized everything will happen in its own time.Goood luck to you
  9. by   Long.
    ]You're awesome for this! I'm still trying to get this whole nursing thing going for me, but once the time comes, I'll be more ready then ever. This only motivated me even more.
  10. by   tiredstudentmom
    I have to say that your story is very reflective, insightful, and DEFINITELY INSPIRING!!! I myself have gone back to school to pursue my RN license after working as a medical assistant for 5 years. I work full time, have a family, and somehow get studying done. Learning from your mistakes is the only way anyone can learn and grow. Once we learn this, life takes on a whole new meaning. Perseverance is key to accomplishing any goal. I give you kudos and not giving up!!!
  11. by   HollyHobby
    simperato, best wishes to you! You have described perfectly what it means to be dedicated, to be focused, and to grow as a person as you become one of the most valuable people on earth: a Nurse.

    We face so many obstacles every day, and the trick is to embrace those obstacles, knowing that each hurdle we pass makes us that much more worthy. There are no failures, only lessons to carry with us as we struggle on. And it's worth every minute of it.

    Just don't forget to laugh. Laughter will get you through and brighten everyone's day.
  12. by   bestcr
    Thanks for this post, I just got into the LPN program and I am excited and nervous all at the same time not knowing what to expect. I guess I also feel like this is it all or nothing so sacrifices have to be made. I have been rejected, put on hold etc I guess the lesson I learned and also from reading this post is never give up if its something u want. Thanks again for sharing and best wishes
  13. by   heelhook80
    I know this is an old post but I had to say thanks for posting this. I have had moments of stress through school but it has really accumulated the past month and has become very difficult to deal with. I did bad on a quiz last week and was mad enough to just walk out of lecture just go home. I worked full time while taking pre reqs at about 15 hrs a semester for a year, and I feel like I got in nursing school on narrow margins which I used to worry about a lot.

    Then I had a baby first semester of nursing school and I also work prn at a hospital, arrange day care, study, work, deal with stresses in school, I worked almost everyday I was on spring break/xmas break, I've skipped dinner and had a pot of coffee instead to cram for a test, etc etc. Even though I'm a student still, I am starting to understand how some nurses become burnt out and bitter towards others, I have caught myself becoming frustrated quickly and have to remind myself to be more patient. I often end up cramming because its my only option which then makes me feel student burn out.

    I'm done with my sob story now, LOL. I do love learning everyday and I want to be a life long learner. I graduate in less than 2 months and have earned A & B's all through school and my grades have always been among the highest in class and I get great reviews from my patients, but I must say this journey has been much harder than I expected it to be. I can't wait to finish and work as an RN 3 days a week and enjoy my family and hobbies again.

    My ultimate advice for nursing school or any big endeavor is to take it all in stride and pace yourself. Take it slow and steady and take care of yourself!