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    oh yeah i am excited to say that after 6 months of hunting (after graduation/board passing) i finally have been offered a position. i applied for a med-surg position (because most places in order to work in the er you have to have some experience & i only have er tech experience). when i got to the interview the hr lady said you have all this er experience why didn't you apply to them. i was like because i am tired of being told you don't have enough experience & the app said it needed 2-3 years. well she set the interview up anyways..and i guess i did great because 1 week later i have been offered the position in their level ii trauma center.. (woop woop) lol. they have an awesome er nurse residency program and train you for the nurse trauma core course certification... i am super excited and wanted to share my excitement with the nursing world... yay!!

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    I can see some fancy bows on the horizon.
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    Yay!!!!!! *wine
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    That is so awesome! Congrats
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    Way to go, we are all proud of your hard work and your persistence
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    Congrats!! What state are you in. I just got hired into a new grad ER program too. I'm so excited!!! Keep us updated!
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    A toast to that CONGRATULATION!!!!!!!!!!!

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